Black Youth Diverse Learner Research Project

Towards Systemic Change

The Black Youth Diverse Learners Project is a collaborative community-based systems mapping project that captures the voices of Black youth diverse learners (age 16-30) at the intersection of Blackness, disability, age, gender, 2SLGBTQ+, and other identities and their complex experiences navigating employment and education within the Halton-Hamilton region.

Using a “For us, by us” approach, this critical research will center and amplify the voices of critical members of the Halton-Hamilton community including Black youth diverse learners; parents/caregivers; educators; and Black- and disability-serving community organizations.

These important insights will be captured through:

  • 1-on-1 interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Photographic data collection
  • Photovoice analysis

Project Outcomes:

  • Identify structural and systemic barriers within the educational systems and community supports; document strategies for success and system navigation.
  • Inform system-based solutions and approaches that are Black youth-focused, culturally relevant, and accessible.

Meet The Research Team:

Our team of Black researchers and community animators proudly bring their lived experience to lead this innovative project,

Dr. Rashelle Litchmore, BSc, MA, PhD | Principal Investigator | LinkedIn

Aaliyah Hinds, BAH, MEd | Graduate Student Research Analyst | LinkedIn

Nkem Ogbonna, BSc | Project Lead | LinkedIn

Liza Arnason, BA, MA | Project Lead and Advisory Member | LinkedIn

Devron Swaby | LinkedIn

Fawziyah Ibrahim | LinkedIn

Shanice Colley | LinkedIn

Bethel Andeghiorghis

Clio Smith

Matthew Jones

In addition to this, this project is also overseen by a network of community partners and a project advisory committee composed of Black youth diverse learners community partners, educators, a psychologist, and lead organizations.

Get Involved:

Focus Groups and Interviews: Your insights and experiences are critical to the success and lives of Black youth diverse learners

Please register for a confidential 1-hour focus group:

Black Youth Diverse Learners

This includes Black youth diverse learners and Black youth with disabilities (diagnosed, undiagnosed, and/or misdiagnosed) ages 16 – 30.
$50 honoraria 

Community Members:

This includes parents, guardians, and caregivers of Black youth with disabilities/diverse learners; parent associations; Black-, disability-, and youth-serving community organizations. $50 honoraria.

Community Partners and Research Collaborators:

We welcome new community partners and collaborators to the project as members of the advisory committee, research team, and community outreach. Honoraria available.
Contact email [email protected]

Educators and Success Advisors:

This includes teachers, counsellors, student success supports, graduation coaches, and school board representatives.

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