ELEVATE follows a structured literacy approach toward reading and reading comprehension, using multi-sensory, explicit evidence-based approaches to support the specific learning needs of students with language-based learning disabilities.

Students develop their ability to compose writing by building their skills over time. All learning begins with scaffolding so students do not become overwhelmed and can feel confident in their ability to create. Programs used by ELEVATE include Writer’s Express, and Handwriting Without Tears. 

Approaches at ELEVATE




Worldly Wise

Sound Partners

Each of these approaches is evidence-based and has been proven to help students with Learning Disabilities to become strong, confident readers and writers. 

We also recognize that many of our students come to us with difficulty with both printing and spelling words. We believe that spelling and reading are closely connected and learning how to spell words accurately and automatically helps students to read fluently. During their time with us, students will learn: 

  • Cursive writing
  • Printing
  • Common spelling conventions and patterns to “decode” the language 
  • Paragraph composition 

    literacy is a bridge from misery to hope

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