As a nonprofit, we are a primarily volunteer driven organization. We are extremely thankful for those who dedicate their time and skills to helping us further our mission and to support even more children and families that require our services and programs.

List of Current Volunteer Positions:


Literacy Tutor – Reading Rocks Program

Work one-on-one Online or In-Person with a child, twice per week in the evenings, developing hands-on and engaging activities and games to explicitly teach phonics, build sight word vocabulary, and increase fluency while graphing child’s success. Current Vulnerability Check Required (cost is not covered by Centre for Diverse Learners).


General Tech Support

We are looking for an occasional resource with strong computer skills to assist in our office with administrative work in our Resource Centre in Burlington or work online.


General Volunteer

We are looking for a part-time volunteer to help with administration and volunteer recruitment for our various programs. We have a variety of opportunities available. 

If you would like to volunteer with the Centre for Diverse Learners, please fill out the following form. If you have specific questions about our volunteer opportunities please send an email to our volunteer coordinator, Jessica Schiff at [email protected]

“Whether in the form of neighbours helping neighbours, or through organizations, the impulse to turn outwards from self to the needs of others without monetary reward has reflected humanity’s noblest impulses and civilization’s greatest promise.”

    To apply, please complete the online application form below.

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    We are a registered charitable organization that does not receive any government funding to support our initiatives. Your gift will help us to ensure we can continue providing our programs and services to support those who are impacted by Learning Disabilities in Halton and Hamilton.

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