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Programs & Services Offered by Centre for Diverse Learners

Mastering Mathematics

Students with suspected or diagnosed LDs are struggling with math and have demonstrated a need for this type of support.

Homework Help

This program is designed to provide support for students with a suspected or diagnosed Learning Disabilities while they complete their homework and assignments.

Reading Rocks

Reading Rocks is an 8-week reading program for children and youth 6-12 years old who struggle with the attainment of early literacy skills due to an identified or suspected learning disability.

Typing Skills

Using a structured and multi-sensory tool for instruction, our 8 week Typing Skills Program is designed for children ages 7 to 12 with a Learning Disability and/or ADHD.

Social Skills

This program assists in the development of social skills and social problem-solving strategies, while also promoting self-esteem and self-advocacy in a supportive environment.

Next Steps to Highschool

This 9 week program focuses on the basics of learning and Learning Disabilities, provides an opportunity for personal skill development, and prepares students for their upcoming transition into high school.

Next Steps After Highschool

The Next Steps program was designed to assist in the transition to either Post-Secondary Education or Career, while creating the opportunity to eliminate anxiety and confusion of picking a career.

Orton-Gillingham Instructional Remediation

This approach is language-based, multi-sensory, structured, sequential, cumulative, cognitive, and flexible. Infinitely adaptable, it is a philosophy rather than a system.

Executive Functioning Program

This program supports students grade
6-12 by providing 4-weeks of learning strategies coaching that will help them learn the skills they need to independently complete homework assignments, larger projects, and/or study for tests.

Youth 2 Youth

Y2Y is a brand new initiative designed to empower youth with Learning Disabilities (LDs) to become ambassadors to their community. This program is made by and for youth with LDs.

Assistive Technology

This series of 5 weekly one-hour sessions will reinforce basic writing skills, sentence structure and provide a review of grade appropriate researching and summarizing tasks.

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We are always seeking to develop additional programs and services that the community needs.
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