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Learn About Our Programs And Services

Ask us more about our programs and services so you can find the best support.  If we do not offer a service or program that your are interested in, we can connect you with community partners who do! 


Understand LD Documents

If you would like to share supplemental documentation (e.g., psycho-educational assessment and/or Individual Education Plan) with us, a staff member will review it, explain it to you, and answer any questions that you may have. 


Advocate For YOU

When appropriate, our staff are happy to be involved in school resource team meetings, IPRC meetings, and, school transition meetings.
If your child has been involved in our programs, we can share our learnings with their Teachers, and/or Special Education Resource Teachers


Languages offered: english, punjabi, hindi, urdu

Thank you to the Halton Region and Community Foundations of Canada for supporting our Advocacy and Resource Support.

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