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ELEVATE was specifically designed to fill the learning gaps faced by many of our students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD and to support them in becoming successful in their learning. We anticipate that many of our students will only stay with us for a year and then return to their home school. Our goal is to target the foundational skills that students need to be successful in all areas of their academic career. To ensure a smooth transition, we are working within the Ontario Curriculum for Social Studies and Science. 

Approaches at ELEVATE





Art, Drama, Music, and Dance are integrated into other subjects, where appropriate, but not all elements of the Ontario curriculum will be covered in these subjects. French and Gym will not be taught, as we focus teaching time on higher priority subjects for our unique learners.  

Assistive Technology will be integrated for research, inquiry-based learning, and authentic learning. However, because we focus on growing students’ ability to write and spell, most writing will be done with pencil and paper.

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