At Centre for Diverse Learners, we believe that ALL students can thrive and succeed if we support them in the right way. The ELEVATE Learning Program was created to specifically support the unique needs of students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD in a way that builds their self-esteem and creates motivation for learning.  

ELEVATE is a full time program that runs Monday – Friday from 9:30am-3:30pm

About Us

At ELEVATE, we use highly skilled educators and evidence-based practices to meet our students where they’re at, help them make gains in the areas where they have been struggling, and empower them to feel confident and excited about their learning again. We work with each child’s strengths and identify key areas where they need targeted support through the collaborative development of a Student Success Plan. These plans are created by the teachers, guardians, and the students themselves. 

ELEVATE is designed to provide intensive remediation to fill the gaps in learning that have been preventing students from doing well at school. Students meet and connect with peers with similar learning challenges, allowing them to make friends, all in a safe space with caring educators who understand and embrace their specific needs. Staff involved in the program are a dynamic blend of Special Educators, Ontario Certified Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, Educational Assistants, Child and Youth Care workers, and Orton-Gillingham trained tutors. 


ELEVATE follows a structured literacy approach toward reading and reading comprehension, using multi-sensory, explicit evidence-based approaches to support the specific learning needs of students with language-based learning disabilities.


ELEVATE’s Numeracy programming follows the Ontario curriculum’s overall numeracy and number sense, with the primary focus of filling any gaps in each student’s learning. Approaches and curricula included are Marilyn Zecher’s Multisensory Math and JUMP Math.

Socio-Emotional Learning 

At ELEVATE, we recognize that many of our students have challenges with understanding socio-emotional interactions. We also know that meeting the social and emotional needs of a child is just as important as meeting their academic needs and is vital to helping them achieve success and maintain their well-being.  

Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning (EF)  is part of a student’s ability to retain and organize information; that includes time management, prioritization, task initiation and completion, perspective-taking, and emotional regulation. These skills are essential both in the classroom and beyond. 

Other Subjects

ELEVATE was specifically designed to fill the learning gaps faced by many of our students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD and to support them in becoming successful in their learning. We anticipate that many of our students will only stay with us for a year and then return to their home school. Our goal is to target the foundational skills that students need to be successful in all areas of their academic career. To ensure a smooth transition, we are working within the Ontario Curriculum for Social Studies and Science. 

Art, Drama, Music, and Dance are integrated into other subjects, where appropriate, but not all elements of the Ontario curriculum will be covered in these subjects. French and Gym will not be taught, as we focus teaching time on higher priority subjects for our unique learners.  

Assistive Technology will be integrated for research, inquiry-based learning, and authentic learning. However, because we focus on growing students’ ability to write and spell, most writing will be done with pencil and paper. 

Our Classroom

Designed specifically for students with ADHD, students are encouraged to learn strategies that help them self-regulate and advocate for this when needed. This might mean a quick jump on the indoor trampoline, sitting on a wobble chair, bouncing their feet up and down on the bouncy band on their chair, or taking some quiet time on the sofa under a soft blanket. 

At ELEVATE, we also recognize that not all learning takes place in the classroom. We connect fully with our community, exploring our environment and the people within it. Field trips are an integral part of ELEVATE. 

Brantwood Farms

Dundurn Castle

The Royal Botanical Gardens

Food 4 Life (Monthly trips to volunteer at the Food Bank)

Walking trips to the Central Library

And More!

Admission Process

To ensure that ELEVATE Learning Pod is the right fit for your child, we have a supportive admissions process that allows you to discuss your goals for your child’s learning with our Senior Staff. We also encourage your child to try the program and become comfortable before you commit.  

Investment and Commitment 

We develop personalized learning plans tailored to the specific needs of the student, from our ciricculum to our classroom- everything is designed with the needs of students with learning disabilites and ADHD which is why we ask for an annual commitment and tuition costs.

Let’s Learn Together! 

Every student that comes to us has a unique set of strengths and areas of need.
We recognize that a student may struggle in one area while being incredibly skilled in others. Learning is differentiated for our learners, so that no one feels
overwhelmed or unchallenged. 

woman and child with learning disabilities at home colouring at kitchen table

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