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Located on the edge of Burlington Central Park, where our students spend most of their all-important recess, the learning environment at ELEVATE is very special. Designed specifically for students with ADHD, students are encouraged to learn strategies that help them self-regulate and advocate for this when needed. This might mean a quick jump on the indoor trampoline, sitting on a wobble chair, bouncing their feet up and down on the bouncy band on their chair, or taking some quiet time on the sofa under a soft blanket. To allow for flexibility, all desks at ELEVATE are moveable and can be raised or lowered so students can stand or sit at their desks when they are working. Larger tables allow students to work in groups on specific projects.  

At ELEVATE, we also recognize that not all learning takes place in the classroom. We connect fully with our community, exploring our environment and the people within it. Field trips are an integral part of ELEVATE. Trips in 2021-22 included: 

  • Brantwood Farms 
  • Dundurn Castle for Christmas  
  • Food 4 Life (Monthly trips to volunteer at the Food Bank)  
  • Walking trips to the Central Library across the park 
  • Weekly swimming for 6 weeks at Goldfish Swim School 
  • Vermicomposting and sustainability at EcoHouse 

Finally, at ELEVATE, our students learn empathy and the importance of caring for others with the help of our program pets:  

  • Phoebe, the dog 
  • Bluey, the Beta fish 

As you can see, this is not your regular classroom! 

woman and child with learning disabilities at home colouring at kitchen table

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