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This page might be helpful for you if you are any of the following, looking to learn more about ADHD and learning disabilities (LD’s).

A pediatrician, family doctor, or psychiatrist

A therapist, counsellor, or social workern ADHD and Executive Functioning

A crisis worker, peer support worker, or school support worker

A principal, teacher, SERT, or educational assistant

An employer of workers who have LD’s and related disorders

Any professional helping people with LD’s or ADHD!

Where can I refer patients, students, or clients who need support with their LD?

Centre for Diverse Learners programs – read up on and refer students to our programs for children/students with LD’s. We also encourage parents and families to contact us if they are unsure which programs will benefit the most – we offer resource facilitation services to help them navigate their options. We also accept students with related disorders like ADHD and executive functioning problems, or who have a suspected disability but not an official diagnosis.

See the Halton Diversity Resource Guide – for BIPOC in Halton for a comprehensive guide to the resources and organizations available for BIPOC in Halton.

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Lecutre workshop on learning diabilities and ADHD

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