What is the Youth 2 Youth Program?

Y2Y is a brand new initiative designed to empower youth with Learning Disabilities (LDs) to become ambassadors to their community. This program is made by and for youth with LDs. Acceptance to this program is not competitive; emphasis will be placed on the applicants’ commitment to and enthusiasm for helping enrich their community, rather than on previous leadership experience.

Many youths with LDs struggle to find themselves represented in their community. Y2Y was created to give these youth a voice, and an opportunity to gain valuable leadership and advocacy experience. The aim of this program is to increase the visibility of LDs in the community and decrease the stigma.

Program Benefits

  • N$500 gratitude payment as thanks for your contributions to your community
  • NValuable training in planning and organizing events from an experienced event coordinator
  • NLeadership and advocacy training
  • NConnections with fellow ambassadors and with industry professionals
  • NLetter of recommendation upon completion of the program

Responsibilities & Duties

  • NOrganize a speaker series on Learning Disabilities for other youth, in collaboration with other ambassadors and an event coordinator
  • NShare lived experiences of Learning Disabilities in order to empower and support other youth

Criteria for Ambassadors

  • NApplicants must be between the ages of 15 – 25 years old, but ideally 17+
  • NApplicants must have an official diagnosis of an LD and/or ADHD
  • NApplicants must reside within the Halton-Hamilton area
  • NApplicants should be willing to share their own experiences of living with an LD and/or ADHD to support and empower other youth
  • NHave strong communication/social skills
  • NHave an energetic and enthusiastic attitude to motivate others
  • NAbility to work independently with minimal supervision and to work within a team
  • NAbility to adapt to change
  • NApplicants should demonstrate leadership aptitude and an interest in community service
  • NWe are looking for applicants with a history of demonstrating good moral and ethical character

The Application Process

1. Fill Out the Application Form

2. Submit Written Component

Applicants must submit an explanation of what being a “Youth Ambassador” for Centre for Diverse Learners means to them, and how they will utilize the experience to benefit their local community. This can be done in any format, including but not limited to video, PowerPoint, art, or essay. This must be in the applicant’s own original work and must not be undertaken by an adult.

This position is a year-long commitment, beginning on April 1, 2021.

All applications forms must be filled out no later than 11:59pm on February 14th, 2020

Our Y2Y Program is Possible Thanks to Gay Lea Foundation

This program is possible thanks to the generous funding provided by the Gay Lea Foundation. With the help of the Gay Lea Foundation, the Y2Y program is designed to give youth with Learning Disabilities a voice and help decrease stigma in our community.

Join Us Today!

We are a registered charitable organization that does not receive any government funding to support our initiatives. Your gift will help us to ensure we can continue providing our programs and services to support those who are impacted by Learning Disabilities in Halton and Hamilton.

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